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This blog contains my thoughts on Kibbe and other systems of image analysis since June 2014. As I write this, it’s April 2015. Almost a year has passed, and some of my viewpoints have changed since I began this blog. As anyone who ever delved into Kibbe or a similar system knows, understanding it is a process. So I have decided to bring together the posts that I think currently represent how I see Kibbe and other systems, as well as posts on things I’ve researched, like Northrup and McJimsey.

-Keeping C, G, and N May 29th, 2015
-Using Zyla to Customize Your Kibbe Type May 26th, 2015
-Things to Consider When Looking at Kibbe’s Celebrity Examples May 20th, 2015
-How to Determine Your Kibbe Type April 26th, 2015
-Does Weight Gain Make You More Yin? April 11th, 2015
-Type, Essence, and Style April 3rd, 2015 (I consider this the post that gives the best representation of how I currently see the system as a whole)
-Flamboyant Gamine “Curves” February 24th, 2015
-Why I’m Not a Soft Natural
-Shopping for Your Kibbe Type: Line or Vibe? January 31st, 2015
-Statement on Kibbe, Part Two: My Own Interpretation of Kibbe December 21st, 2014
-The Two Types of Flamboyant Gamines November 28th, 2014
-Kibbe Style Stereotypes November 22nd, 2014
-Determining Your Kibbe Type: Listen to Yourself November 11th, 2014
-Kibbe Essence Self-Assessment September 22nd, 2014
-How to Tell You’re in the Wrong Kibbe Type August 30th, 2014
-Soft Gamine vs. Ingenue June 30th, 2014

-“Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection,” parts 1, 2, and 3
-Book Review: The Story of Costume Told in Pictures, Belle Northrup
-Belle Northrup and Yin/Yang

-McJimsey’s Ingenue
-McJimsey’s Gamine
-McJimsey’s Romantic
-McJimsey’s Classic
-McJimsey’s Natural
-McJimsey’s Dramatic
-Harriet Tilden McJimsey

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