What to Do When You Get Your Fan

Once you get your palette, it’s time to see how the colors look on you. While most analysts seem suggest checking for harmony with the entire fan, with the strip(s) of red hidden if it’s a piece of red cloth, for example, I think that for this stage in the game, it’s better to find exact matches so that you know the item you’re working with is truly the correct season. Obviously, I would first see if there’s anything in your wardrobe that matches the fan already, and if not, I would get some inexpensive tops at stores like H&M or Forever 21, or at the thrift store.

Many also swear by lipstick draping. Lipstick draping is fun, but even within the same season, the same lipsticks may not work for everyone. Вon’t get carried away with buying or you can end up wasting a lot of money if the season doesn’t work out. I also suggest joining the Facebook group specific to the season so you can see how other women live in the season and what the season looks like on a draped person.

Really, the thing is to live in it. How does it feel on you? What are the reactions you’re getting? Do the makeup and clothes seem to naturally fall into place? Note if you have to change your makeup routine to accomodate things like newly worsening dark circles or redness, or if people tell you that you look tired or sick. Obviously, these will be signs the season is wrong. But if you can wear less makeup, and generally get positive reactions and like what you see in the mirror… You’re on the right track.

I think we have to trust our own intuition when it comes to our seasons. I see the entire color and line typing process as a journey of self-discovery. Often, people put too much stake in others’ opinions, especially if that person has declared themselves a professional and charges for their services. I see people spin and spin when they got an analysis that they don’t feel is correct, but they have put the opinion of someone else over their own. Many of us do have a vague sense of what looks good on us, and we have gravitated toward it since we were young.

Even if we were totally off in our natural inclinations, I still feel like we can feel when something’s off. I understand pretty fast just how wrong Light Spring was for me, and Bright Spring just made me feel tired. My autumn self couldn’t keep up Bright Spring all day! Things just begin to make sense when you’re in the right colors: Why certain makeup color work and some don’t, and if you’ve switched seasons along the way, why you just couldn’t give up certain colors along the way. If you think of yourself as an “x” who can also do some colors that would be unusual for that palette, I’d reconsider the season.

Lastly, I feel like being in your right season feels like coming home. It’s hard to explain, but you just feel right. Things work, and don’t take adjusting. You can take your fan and swatch lipsticks and come home with a lipstick wardrobe that works. You can mix and match things in your wardrobe and be confident that none of the colors will make you look terrible. If something just feels “off,” it’s back to the drawing board.