Color DIY

When people first start trying to find their color season, it can be really confusing. There are a ton of different systems and acronyms, not to mention conflicting information. Some systems go by characteristics, some ignore them altogether and only look at the reaction of the person to colors. Some people say that there is no way to figure out your season unless you’re draped by a professional, but even then professional analysts vary in their success rates and not everyone likes the look the analyst liked on them.

That is partially why I decided to write a guide for people who are interested in finding their season themselves. You’ll probably still want to get draped in the end. Even if your season ends up being different than what you thought you were through your DIY process, it still won’t have been a waste of time. I think it’s important for us to get to know our own coloring, and how we like to look, and what is very, very bad. It’s important for us to know these things because we need to have agency. If you do get draped, you need to be able to tell the difference between something that feels right and something that feels wrong. I’ve heard of people being draped as SA by one analyst and BW by another—obviously, these two seasons can’t coexist in the same person! SA wouldn’t even be ballpark for a BW. Knowledge is power, and going into the process armed with an understanding of what to look for and the confidence to judge for yourself whether you think the analysis is correct can potentially save you from wasting time in the wrong season. Many are draped right the first time, but it’s not a guarantee, and I think it’s something where we have be able to stand up for ourselves and believe what our own intuition is telling us.

The other reason is, of course, that no matter how many people say that going the DIY route is a waste of time, we all still do it. It is fun to explore different color spaces and try to understand what looks good on us. I’ve compiled the basic information you need to do this more efficiently, take better photos, waste less money… Basically this is the stuff that I and other people find ourselves repeating when someone makes their first post in a seasonal community and wants help. So I figured, hey, why not make it easier and have it all on my blog?

This series will cover:
Sci\ART: An Introduction
Can You Know Without an Analysis?
Where Should You Start?
My Color Journey
Taking Draping Photos
What to Look For
What to Do When You Get Your Fan

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