McJimsey’s Dramatic

McJimsey’s Dramatic Yang is tall, thin, angular, dark-skinned, and has very light or very dark hair. She has excellent posture, formal manners, and a low voice. Almond-shaped eyes, angular eyebrows, wide thin lips, high cheekbones, and an elongated oval shape are all Dramatic. Earlier in the chapter, McJimsey made the point that her types are adjectives, not nouns. If you have high cheekbones, a strong nose, or “brunette coloring,” you have some Dramatic qualities and can wear some Dramatic fashions. If you are shorter and on the Dramatic side, you should wear heels and an unbroken line of color. Pure Dramatics who meets all of the Dramatic qualifications are rare. Going back to age again, McJimsey says that since yin is a youthful quality, people under 25 shouldn’t wear Dramatic fashions, and young people who lean Dramatic should wear a yang neckline or some yang colors while keeping the rest of the outfit youthful/yin.

McJimsey’s Dramatics are Lauren Bacall, Joan Baez, Maria Callas, Joan Crawford, Lady Bird Johnson, and Barbra Streisand.

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The Dramatic can wear high fashion. Bold, severe lines and exotic colors and patterns suit her. The fashions specifically mentioned include:

  • Sleeves with width at the bottom
  • batwing sleeves
  • long tunics/overblouses
  • exaggerated shoulder width (when in fashion)
  • trapeze dresses or tops
  • straight lines with vertical or diagonal movement
  • diagonal draping and wraparound styles

    Fabrics include crepe, broadcloth, garbadine, satin, heavy brocade, metallic cloth, and plain weave knits. Necklines should be plain and severe, such as high tight collars, turtlenecks, deep v-necks, collarless necklines, large shawl collars, and large lapels pointing downwards. Lots of neutrals, except for light gray and light beige, but black is the most common. Colors used should be brilliant and intense, with purple, magenta, gold, and chartreuse being the most yang. Color use should be unusual and discordant. Accessories should also be large and exotic, either bold and plain or lavish and ornate. Dramatics wear hats more frequently than the other types.

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  • 4 Comments on McJimsey’s Dramatic

    1. Caty
      March 4, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      Hello, it is interesting that a Dramatic is described as tall, thin and dark-haired, but Barbra Streisand isn’t. She has a soft coloring, a womanly figure and is not tall. In her case it seems to be her striking face that makes her a Dramatic.

      • stylesyntax
        March 4, 2016 at 1:56 pm

        She is a Soft Dramatic in Kibbe as well. I do think you are right that it is mainly her face. She is a little taller than average, though.

    2. Caty
      August 3, 2016 at 2:11 pm

      Barbra is 5ft 4.5in, quite average I think. But very D facial features. 🙂

      • stylesyntax
        August 3, 2016 at 6:04 pm

        By her own admission in interviews, she is 5’5″, right in line with the tall types in Kibbe’s system.


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