Why Did I Return to DYT?

Of course, the last post on this blog before my unintentional hiatus was Why I Stopped Dressing My Truth, Part 2. And of course I stopped, because what I thought was my Truth was not my truth–the post before that was perfectly 4/1 and I was talking about disobeying my recommendations.

So I left DYT because I was tired of trying to fit myself into Type 3, where the jewelry was too big and the clothes were too textured and heavy. I think some people do find that DYT just does not work for them, but in my case, it wasn’t working because I had placed myself incorrectly within the system. Once I realized that, though, it was like getting everything back that I loved after years of thinking that I just wasn’t bright enough to handle black and white and pure colors.

This began to change a little when I realized that all of David Kibbe’s palettes go pretty bright. He doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of things in the Soft range. Accepting David’s view of color, I gave myself permission to go brighter, especially as even DYT T3 seemed to be moving in a more vivid direction.

I pretty much rejected T3 style but kept the T3 colors, thinking of it as a four-season Autumn. But once I realized I was 4/1, it was basically just giving a name to what I was doing already, and giving myself permission to add black and white to my wardrobe, as well as some colors like non-peacock blue.

I don’t think that I would get black from David–only Winters get black in his world, and his Winters are very cool and high contrast. But I’m still enjoying allowing myself to express myself using the T4 palette, and I find that keeping 4/1 helps me get my FG yin/yang balance correct. Like many Gamines, I have a tendency to go entirely to the yang side, and T1 reminds me to add back in more yin.

Besides Kibbe, the only stylist I’d want to go see is David Zyla, but that is forever a puzzle to me. For now, using 4/1 to inform my FG expression feels right to me.

How have you found working with DYT, if you use it? Does it work with your other style system discoveries?

16 Comments on Why Did I Return to DYT?

  1. Shawna
    October 30, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    I think at this point everything I have learned about what works best for me is relatively cohesive and I can find compatibility but only if I break rules. I wouldn’t be happy dressing as someone else’s vision for me anyhow and I don’t believe any style guru has all the answers so I take what I can learn and create my own style. I don’t use DYT as it is intended because I don’t follow the colour palette. I just can’t buy into the idea that either wearing colour that is in harmony with your own is irrelevant or that all people whose facial features belong in a certain category will also have the same colouring. I can’t do Kibbe literally either but I have learned quite a bit from reading his ideas. Zyla’s system is too esoteric for me and I also can’t figure out Fantastical Beauty. I think DYT is too simplified but in some ways that makes it easier to use as a springboard.

  2. Bla31ze
    October 31, 2018 at 11:48 am

    I have become interested in Dressing Your Truth again after reading your last post. For me it is not easy to type myself, but I think there are good possibilities that I am a 1/4.
    Lately I have been thinking that I may actually be a SG in Kibbe’s system, despite what I have written in other comments, and I am pretty sure I will not go back from there easily. It seems that I can make SG and 1/4 work together.
    My next challenge will be finding a place for my soft autumn deep colouring within all this. I suppose I’ll have to break some rules, but I will try to have fun while doing it. Sometimes I think that in most cases perfect coherence may just be not possible 🙂

    • stylesyntax
      October 31, 2018 at 3:44 pm

      Sometimes you just have to choose, especially with color.

  3. Myrna K Pouyatt
    November 2, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Wow, your blog really spoke to me. I was trying to fit myself into the DYT thing and tried every type until I took it back to movement. I am a 4/1. I am not animated enough to be a dominant type 1, I sit positively still with correct posture, always have. I am a flamboyant gamine and a Clear Spring with a Winter inter-season according to Irene Riter’s textbook. I finally see myself, yay! I think 4/1 is a hard energy combination, it’s so bipolar, and I am not bipolar. I am constant. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • stylesyntax
      November 13, 2018 at 2:56 am

      The movement threw me off, actually, because I am more clumsy than graceful and I don’t have perfect posture. But I am definitely lower movement and not a T2 😛

    • stylesyntax
      November 13, 2018 at 2:48 am

      I’m familiar with PSC, but I don’t like it, hence why I don’t talk about it here 🙂 I don’t like the idea of percentages of essences (I much prefer Kibbe’s more unified approach to image) and I find his palettes to be all over the place.

  4. Jane
    November 22, 2018 at 8:07 am

    I have a question about Kibbe’s last typings: what do you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt being Flamboyant Gamine? She’s typed Theatrical Romantic anywhere else, and her body doesn’t look anything like the other FGs.

    I ask because after much experimenting I’m 100% sure I’m not SG at all, and I test as TR. But a lot of the TR clothing/accessories look heavy on me, and my body is a smaller trimmer version of Jennifer’s, so it got me thinking FG might be a possibility.

    I already tried any other Romantic influenced type and it was a clear NO.

    • stylesyntax
      November 23, 2018 at 8:56 pm

      She was placed in TR by someone who completely misinterpreted his system, yet these misinterpretations greatly influenced the way people interpreted his work going forward. If you are ever confused as to why David put a celebrity somewhere, I would try to understand why they are there, and see how that changes your preconceived notions of what an Image ID looks like.

      There is no such thing as “testing” as a TR, since the quiz is no longer a diagnostic tool that David uses. Instead I would ask yourself about the yin/yang balance you see in yourself overall. There is also no such thing as type-specific clothing–it all depends on the body it is on and the complete outfit it is paired with.

  5. Sanch
    November 23, 2018 at 8:00 am

    I keep an eye on DYT, but I feel it has become a combination of the 4 types system that Carol adopted and a version of typology for attachment theory. Carol talks a lot about, and produces content for healing, and I think some people who are attracted to these systems and typing value the combination of offerings she provides in her community.
    There are some in the color community who exhibit markers of unhealthy attachment, and the way they adopt and then drop the various systems, palettes, identities they (or experts) assign is a possible argument for avoidant attachment. I have noticed that within DYT and face profiling, there are some who do not blatantly inspire a dominant typing. If you have watched Carol’s face mapping, I think it is hard to say that she is not sometimes reaching a bit when calling out features as congruent with one of the 4 types. I believe she will take the person’s energy into account and designate a type accordingly, using the face mapping as a manipulative tool. In these and other cases, I feel attachment theory is unwittingly being used as a profiling tool. I also feel that adopting/rejecting types and perpetually being in process is under this attachment umbrella. I hope nobody takes offense to me saying this. As you can probably ascertain, I would not exclude myself from this group of folks. I have been around the block and back again with color/style/energy systems. I also feel that it is eeasy to spot healthily attached adults who use the color/style systems, as well as the anxious types. Perhaps this is not the place to discuss at length, but this is my contribution to the conversation.

    • stylesyntax
      November 23, 2018 at 9:00 pm

      I’m afraid I don’t know enough about attachment theory to engage in a real conversation about it, but are you suggesting that each of the DYT types corresponds to one of the attachment styles? Wouldn’t that mean that one of the types would be “secure,” and no further work would be necessary?

      Carol’s background is in energy healing, and DYT grew out of that, so there has always been that element. I know that Carol does not rely on face profiling alone, and I think few people only show one type in their face. Even I have caught others mistyping themselves from how they interact in the DYT Facebook groups (I should have realized that I was a 4 many years ago from this website alone). I know she will look at not only multiple photos, but also someone’s entire Facebook profile before she #cluebombs them in the Lifestlye group.

      I have definitely come across people in the color and style community who seem to be using color and style as a way to try to fix their life without facing the real issues. They cycle through type after type, system after system, without ever addressing their troubled marriage or issues with their family of origin, etc.

      • Sanch
        November 24, 2018 at 7:51 pm

        I do not suggest that the types correspond to one attachment designation, no. An example of an anxious would be someone posting and asking for profiling help (from Carol, or anyone willing to respond… These requests sometimes are spotted with something like by “Please Help!!”). If this person gets a response, they may move forward with their type, since someone smarter/better/more informed gave them the info. They may then move forward but keep asking if they are getting it right, posting pictures and questioning whether they are not making mistakes (still looking for assistance and approval and a power outside themselves). An avoidant may want help, even ask for help, then may become argumentitive and debate or refute (eventually, probably both) and reject the type. A securely attached person may see their type easily, or receive help, then move forward with confidence. I see the anxious as being a pigeonhole designation for Carol to use on 1 and 2. One because they see so many options, seek a social connection in the process, adapt and don’t stop to ask themselves what they think, and two because they worry too much about getting it wrong and can’t stop questioning. I can see Carol assigning avoidants 3 or 4. Three because they can be pushy, questioning, have a fiery energy, and four because they want to be their own authority, they want to list logical reasons why Carol is wrong. I can see healthy folks being any of the types, 1 adapts very quickly and moves forward happily, 2 gets into the flow, 3 gets moving swiftly, 4 is relieved at getting rid of the background noise and refining their reality to their natural comfort level. I just feel that some people are more blended than others, and don’t necessarily have a dominant energy that aligns with DYT. Type 1 gets to be this catch-all for folks who think they are all types, and 4 gets to be the catch-all for those who have gone too deep. Threes who get stuck were too wounded and stifled to see themselves. Twos who take too long to decide are afraid they aren’t good enough to be a two. Sometimes, when the facial profiling is just not working (my opinion… as I said, I believe she reaches with her face mapping), not aligning with the system Carol lifted and adapted, she seems to assign people a type based on their insecurities. This is where I feel it gets sticky, because insecurities hearken back to attachment, not inherent temperament. If, as Carol purports, this energy is a part of us before birth, then what of attachment? I really feel that there is a gap between the two, yet they (inherent personality and attachment) are both being used in profiling, although Carol may be unaware of this. I don’t know, really, I follow along with DYT, this stuff is a hobby for me, it’s fun, but it can become a bit too all-consuming if I let it… I don’t claim a type for myself. My husband humors me and we discuss types sometimes. He is a 4/1 and knowing his type has really helped him a lot with understanding himself and how others view him, how he can rely too much on his secondary, his work and being hired for his current dream job. He has a hard time typing me, also, and says I am very balanced. I am okay with that. It would be nice to feel at home in a type, but I just don’t think that will happen. I am also one of those people who have had a few different color analyses with very mixed results. So, in a way, you could say DYT works with other systems in that it leaves me feeling very mixed. I am a Dark Winter, a Light Spring, a True Summer…?! Type 4/3, 1/2, 2? I know that not everyone believes the personality and coloring are linked, I am just poking fun at the mixed results. I’ve been following your journey and am happy for you. It must be a relief. You have done a lot of work to get to where you are with your evolution.

        • stylesyntax
          November 25, 2018 at 4:22 pm

          Oh yes, a T4 would be very unlikely to post and beg for help from Carol, although it can really differ. I am definitely more on the “I am my own authority” side than, say, the perfecting–my S1 really allows me to let things go where I can see other T4s wouldn’t. But some T4s really go for other aspects of being T4 and they are a little more willing to cede territory than I am. As far as attachment, I don’t know; I can behave one way when it comes to relationships re: attachment and another way in the rest of my life, but I’m also SX/1:1 in the Enneagram. If it’s not overstepping boundaries here, from your comments, I’d say you sound like a fellow Four, but I’m not Carol, and who knows 😉 I think that if I had ever gotten a color analysis, I would have gotten mixed results, too. While I don’t care for John Kitchener’s system, I saw Andrea Pflaumer say on Facebook today that if you fit really well in one color category (like 90%), you’re likely to have a lot of congruence among your palettes in all systems. I see this a lot with really distinct Winters, especially. But I don’t think I’d fit anywhere that easily, which gives me more flexibility, but less of a defined answer.

  6. Sanch
    November 26, 2018 at 9:41 am

    You are so funny– my 4/1 husband does not have a perfecting bone in his body, and he can easily recognize when other 4s are being a little dysfunctional in their 4ness! He has the very big 4/1 reactions and also that verging on appearing as a 3 thing, but 3 is his most subordinate energy. He draped as a Bright Winter, just fyi (Terry Wildfong), so he did line up with both systems. However, I will note that he does not wear black or white, and prefers to combine lights with brights. He may be a Kibbe type that aligns with a T shape but with Kitchener he would likely contain a lot of the youthful essence (he wears small floral prints with great ease). I like that he knows he is 4 dominant– he efforts his 1 much less now, and I really appreciate that when we are around other people.

    Kitchener pegged me as a “darker light spring” and scoffed at my Dark Winter designation. However, the body harmony colors and core of his palette were DW (aligning really well with the Prism XII swatch). So, keep these things in mind. Our body harmony colors may help us with our palette (my facial skin is pink, my hair is darker blonde, my eyes and veins are green/blue-green… hair color is not reliable because it does not often exist within a pre-made palette, so toss it and take its complement, purple, along with the reds, greens, and blue-greens… yes, DW.). It fits because although I do not appear dark, I, like you, know that lighter colors are my worst. Lighter makeup other than highlighter in the lightest moonlight color will disappear.

    I was given summer by two analysts who prefer an algorithm of light/dark, soft/bright, cool/warm in whichever order. I look very summery, and my husband does, too. We can both wear the summer colors (him better than me, I think because of his blue eyes and very brown-is-brown hair). We have a sharpening effect with our winter palettes, which I know is a point of contention with TCI. It is very noticeable and the difference is very strong. I can tell even just by looking at my hand sticking out of a DW sleeve while out and about vs. how it looks on a day where I am not wearing DW.

    It is funny you would see me as a 4. Many people, even those ignorant to DYT would assign the 4 qualities to me. In reality, I see myself as more 2/1 or 1/2. My whole family and in-laws are 4 extraordinaire. It is definitely a part of me, but my natural state of being and how I move through life, projects, thoughts, even stores, is very 2/1 or 1/2. I definitely don’t seem soft and light to most people, though. I have always had 4s around me (attracting them to me as friends and partners, co-workers). When I look back on all relationships, I can see how I brought a softness and a lightness to the relationships. I am a magnet for 4 energy, and I have some issues with how I act that come from 4 parents and expectations. Overall, though, my husband and I do not see me as a 4 and feel it may be my lowest energy. I have days where I wonder, of course. You are not overstepping! Who doesn’t secretly love personal attention?

    You are not alone in your quest to fit in a box where a box does not neatly contain us. Some people look exactly as we would expect them to and fit their typing so well. It is hard to feel DW when I have soft eyes, pale skin, medium hair. Where is my beautifully moody dark raven hair, my olive skin, my soulful black-brown eyes? I only half-kid. Don’t get me started on the body stuff, Kibbe and where I fit with a very curvy body and clothes that don’t work with that at all. You are not alone! I just share much of this so that you can have more to consider as you may have some tweaks and turns as you step into 4/1 and play with palettes and references to color.

  7. Sanch
    November 28, 2018 at 9:26 am

    I also want to say that you may want to consider.. if gamines are compact dramatics, then springs may be more diluted winters. With your coloring, consider early or floral spring. Spring coloring can require very vibrant colors, but there will still be a “not winter” feeling. Also, if you consider the “universal colors” on a color wheel, these are what would be easiest to work with. Summer is more of the universal season, and with the exclusion of the pale colors, many are easy to wear. They are medium, medium, medium (not necessarily flattering to all, but not horribly attention-grabbing).

    You are more colorful to look at than a winter, could be confused with summer, but likely lean into that early spring territory. I don’t think this has to be a light spring equivalent. You were very close in the beginning of your process, but the 12 seasons were too limiting due to the parameters of the neutral seasons. Take your red… I would suspect that what is closest to a true red but not too bright and not too soft is what works best. A range of reds that do not move too far over to purple or orange, and do not have a feeling of winter, but rather spring (a Caygill spring, a Zyla spring). As you say, Zyla can favor the brighter or more saturated colors. I have noticed that, unlike Kitchener, Zyla often gives his springs very pale neutrals. I find this paricularly interesting and noteworthy. You may want to try your hand at a Zyla style spring palette using lighter neutrals and more intense colors, perhaps a non-DYT compliant palette, but an approximation of several systems being satisfied while still considering your 4/1 personal makeup (if not a bit backwards). People who are colorful to look at or who have very colorful personalities are not usually enhanced by darker neutrals. You may, as a 4, really like the drama and effect of black and white, and I am not trying to boss you around. Just a thought I had. I have often questioned whether a 4/1 could not perhaps be a spring, a 3/4 a winter, and so forth. I can picture you really looking stunning in a type 4 style with very pale neutrals, intense colors, type 4 design lines, and a dose of type 1 lightness. I think that the intense colors would be more like a vital spring but the very pale neutrals keeping it defined as an early or floral spring (think straw or vanilla, crisp and pale grey, perhaps the sharpest and lightest linen or taupe, and then maybe a version of a navy or marine navy). Sorry, I know this is all over the place! I am in the midst of a renovation project and so this has been something for me to puzzle over as I am working and something to direct attention at when I need a break, haha.

    • stylesyntax
      December 21, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      Gamines are not “compact Dramatics”… They are an equal mix of yin and yang. I am not sure where the “compact Dramatic” thing got started. Short Dramatics exist and they are just called Dramatics. Spring is also not more muted than Winter, at least in four seasons. One is warm, the other is cool.

      I don’t like very pale neutrals on me at al, actually. One, I spill things all the time so they don’t last long! Two, I prefer either a mid tone or a dark mixed with a bright. Lightness doesn’t work for me. Something like white or ivory I really only like either in a very formal dress in something like taffeta or as a background to a print.


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