Why I Stopped Dressing My Truth

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Before I begin, I think some people who are really into DYT would say that I never did in the first place. And they may be right–I never went full-on on what would be a recognizable T3 look.

And there’s a couple of reasons for that. The first is that some of it just isn’t my style. I knew from past experience that some things wouldn’t flatter me, and some of it, I just don’t care for the aesthetic. The other is that some things, like the jewelry, are literally too big and heavy for me. I have tiny earlobes, small wrists. I have ordered a couple of pairs of studs from the DYT store, and they are always larger than I expected when I receive them. They show the earrings on a ear on the website, but my ears are just that much smaller.

I don’t think I’ve typed myself incorrectly. My movement is very Type 3. But T3 fashion doesn’t necessarily express what I want to express. While theoretically, it should be a looser framework into which you can inject your personal style, T3 generally looks earthier than I go.

Whenever I look at other systems, I have to say that I just always come back to Kibbe. Whatever else I’m thinking about with style at the time (and I’m writing about this right now for the new workbook), Flamboyant Gamine is always the sun that any other style system floats around. If a system isn’t compatible with FG, it isn’t going to work for me.

I tried to combine them for a while… judging both the yin/yang balance of an item on me and whether or not it fit the T3 keywords. But in the end, this just felt too stifling. In addition, my style has started to shift to where “edgy” has taken a less prominent role. So while I previously liked the edgy aspects of T3, it no longer feels like who I am. I could definitely not wear T3 jewelry, and I don’t want to cut my hair short in a T3 way; I like my current haircut, which is probably a 1/4 or a 4/1 cut.

I still really appreciate the self-exploration aspects of Energy Profiling. I just no longer feel like the aesthetic aspects of it fit who I am. I feel like Flamboyant Gamine expresses my essence really well, and I am happier dressing that way than I am when I try to add T3 into the mix.

For instance, this dress is on my list… there’s no way it would fit T3. But it would be a dress I would feel comfortable and confident in.

Martha Dress, Boden, $150

Martha Dress, Boden, $150

Have you tried Dressing Your Truth? Do you find that your energy type’s clothing suits you, or have you found that other style systems work better for you?

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4 Comments on Why I Stopped Dressing My Truth

  1. Caro
    March 4, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Yes I tried it a few years ago & was typed as a T1 by Anne. The DYT aesthetic for older T1s is so unappealing to me that I find it hard to take them seriously. I agree it is too simplistic; since Kibbe nearly all image/colour systems seem box-like & simplistic though.

    • stylesyntax
      March 5, 2018 at 5:28 pm


  2. Nancy
    March 5, 2018 at 10:48 am

    I tried DYT as well. Carol typed me as a T4/T1. From the energy profile perspective I felt this was a good fit and I use those ideas still when trying to understand other people. But the color and styling advice threw me into a period of great confusion.

    I always have worn dark Autumn colors and have been consistently typed in that category – must recently through 12 Blueprints. I have a yangN body type. I’ve never felt as uncomfortable as I did trying to dress as aT4. I felt stuff, rigid and fake. Most of those colors wore me. If someone made a comment on what I was wearing I noticed it was directed at a color or a specific item, never a “wow you look great today.”

  3. Gina
    March 7, 2018 at 1:46 am

    I’m always in a state of confusion because I was typed so many things. I always go back to dyt because it was my first one. Sometimes I feel that it’s too warm for me. I have a lot of faith in 12 blueprints draping results when I see them on others. And I guess for myself too. Not sure how I feel about dyt in a daily basis. It feels aesthetically opposite of what I genuinely like.


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