Dressing Your Truth: Getting Cluebombed, Part Two

In my last post, I briefly went through my history with Dressing Your Truth, and I’ll pick up from where I left off.

So I recognized that I was actually a T3, and figured, again, that I had gotten my primary and secondary reversed, and I was a 3/4, like I had originally thought back in 2014. But again, I was faced with it not feeling quite right. I wasn’t as formal as 3/4s seemed to be. My facial features seemed to be less strong. I have a degree of cuteness and youthfulness. I realized, as I dressed T3, that there was a kind of disconnect between how I think I dress, and how I actually dress. While I may not wear the outfits that Anna K (the 3/1 expert) wears, the reason behind why she wears what she wears started to resonate with me. I like graphic tees, stuff swiped from the kids’ section, and a more young, casual look. I look best in a degree of animation. I can wear a lot of things other people can’t–I am a Flamboyant Gamine, after all!

But again, I was stymied by the fact that 3/1 is a double extrovert energy. I wouldn’t say I was obviously high movement as a child. I spent a lot of time doing quiet, solitary activities, and while I may move loudly, I wasn’t talkative or especially active compared to others; in fact, it was the opposite. And as an adult, I love reading and writing and getting deep into topics. These are things that had put me on the path to T4.

Then Carol did a Coaching Call with the 1/3 expert, Jeny, and Anna K. I don’t want to get too into what they said, since it’s only for Lifestyle members, but it made me realize that if you’re one of these types, you might not realize how high your energy is when you aren’t aware of how high it is, and you might have stifled yourself. I decided to try 3/1, and posted in Lifestyle asking if anyone else was a 3/1 or 1/3 who didn’t recognize their high energy, and I added some photos of myself. I got some great responses from other people of these energy types who felt the same way.

Eventually, it was closed and I got in touch with Support, who offered me a Truthbomb. A Truthbomb is where, instead of Carol randomly leaving a comment, it’s a structured experience where you are asked to post on a specific date and people are asked to guess your type based on facial profiling. I accepted the offer to join the queue for this, but then Carol reopened my thread and commented on my type.

Carol confirmed that I am a 3/1.

My reaction to this was to cry for about 15 seconds, and then I made a joke on Facebook about the Eagles’ new head coach. I saw my secondary 1 come into play there with connect/disconnect. In fact, that’s a way I see it a lot. You can even see on this blog, where I start a bunch of projects and then get bored and pick them up again two years later.

I can see that while I may not be the most social or visibly active person, I like to keep busy. I am involved in a ton of different things, from work to volunteering to admining the SK groups to creating an entire side business with Personality Squared. If I’m watching TV, I have a game open on my phone. I need some degree of movement around me or it’s hard for me to concentrate (aka I’m messy). It shows up in ways that aren’t as obvious as what you might think of when you think of a 3/1 person, but I can see that it’s there now.

Just a note about figuring out your secondary: the recommended way is through your style preferences. Carol can generally see it in your face as well, but it’s not recommended to use facial profiling to figure it out, because people get confused enough looking for their primaries! I can see that there are facial similarities among people of the same secondary, i.e., I can see that the fact that I have a more cute and youthful look compared to other T3s points toward S1. But again, it’s not recommended to do it this way!

In my next post, I’m going to talk about how this has affected how I see my style going forward. If you have any questions about my experience, please leave a comment. 🙂 There is probably a lot of stuff I’m leaving out!

18 Comments on Dressing Your Truth: Getting Cluebombed, Part Two

  1. Bla31ze
    February 21, 2021 at 4:14 pm

    I identify so much in this! I have always felt that I am an introvert, but at the same time that my energy is higher than, given this premise, I thought it should be. I have some hypothesis about this sensation, but in the meanwhile maybe I should explore DYT’s extrovert types too!
    Thank you for having written this!

    • stylesyntax
      February 21, 2021 at 9:56 pm

      I hope it helps people keep an open mind! It was hard to see myself as an extroverted type, much less a double extrovert. But it truly means something different in DYT.

  2. Katja
    February 25, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    I’m happy to see that you found your type in DYT 🙂
    Wouldn’t 3/1 also tie in with your thoughts about being “a brighter autumn”? (I have no real knowledge about DYT, so this is indeed meant as a question.)

    • stylesyntax
      March 2, 2021 at 4:46 pm

      T3s all use the same palette, but yes, as a 3/1, I might be drawn to the brighter colors/T1 crossover colors. But being a brighter Autumn is really about coloring more than anything else, and DYT goes by facial features and not coloring.

  3. Cori
    March 17, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    I have really enjoyed reading about your style journey. Like you, I have explored many systems and have at times been confused at how they might all tie together. I started with color analysis and was draped a soft autumn. I was there, I saw the changes take place as drapes were changed, so I have no doubt about that classification. But something about the blended nature of those colors on my body wasn’t working (although in my draping my best colors were the lighter and brighter ones). Then I was analyzed online in the Truth is Beauty system and was told I was a Dramatic Natural Gamine, which is edgy, bold, and playful (no wonder soft autumn was off on me). I get that, too, but it doesn’t seem to suit my personality, as I have trouble putting together looks using those recommendations that I’m comfortable wearing outside the house, perhaps because they’re so attention-getting. Next I found Kibbe, and decided I was FG, yang gamine. These recs are working better than the DNG recs because they allow for more personal expression, I feel like. But I came across DYT while I was attempting to learn why my son and I were butting heads so much, and now I’m trying to figure out my type, as well as the types of the other members of my family. I figured out pretty quickly that my son is a 3/1, very high energy with big feelings. At first I thought I was a 3, too, and that we were butting heads because we are both determined and strong willed. But those textures and colors make me look old and tired, like they’re too heavy and rich for me. Then I saw a video that Carol posted about 4/1 and 1/4 people mistyping themselves as type 3s. Looking back at pics I have taken, my historical style choices, and compliments I have received, I can see that I might have made that mistake as well. My type 4-ness would also explain why my son and I have trouble getting along. He is all drama, and I am much more steady, and I have a strong need for order and quiet and respect. Anyway, I hope my ramblings are helpful or at least interesting to somebody. ? Happy trails on your style journey!

    • stylesyntax
      March 17, 2021 at 4:42 pm

      Same to you! I can definitely relate to the 3/1 vs. 4–my boyfriend is a T4 and recognizing the differences has been really helpful. Have you looked into the Child Whisperer stuff at all?

      • Cori
        March 17, 2021 at 5:28 pm

        The Child Whisperer is where I started with DYT. Based on that book I asked my mom what kind of kid I was, and she said 4/2. However, I’m not able to stay still long enough to make me feel that’s accurate. I feel yucky being still for too long. I have always said I feel like 2 people within one body/brain, so having opposing energy types makes a lot of sense. My husband displays some type 4 tendencies, too, although they’re different than mine, but he is lower on the movement scale than I am, and very laid back (except for the things he’s type 4 about lol), so I suspect he might be a 4/2 combo. And he relates to people better, which would explain his 2. I can be friendly, but it’s more superficial. I overthink relationships way too much and find them to be a lot of work, so I keep most people at arm’s distance. LOL!

        Do you feel you approach life differently now that you’re in the type 3 zone?

        • stylesyntax
          March 17, 2021 at 5:58 pm

          I think that can be deceiving. I was so confused how I could be a 3/1 when I know that as a baby, toddler, etc., I wasn’t that active. I liked to sleep for 12 hours a day, was a really easy baby, and mostly observed. Then I was watching a video from when Anne had her 3/1 baby, and he was the exact same way. I also can spend the entire weekend on the couch, haha.

          Not really; you always are moving through your life with your primary energy, even if you don’t realize it. The only thing I have been thinking of changing is adding exercise after I wake up, but I haven’t brought myself to do that yet!

          • Cori
            March 18, 2021 at 10:57 am

            I guess if a type 3 kid is determined to sleep, they’re going to sleep. LOL.

            Ok, so if it hasn’t changed the way you move through the world, has it changed the way people respond to you? I understand that the whole idea of DYT is to make the outside of a person reflect the inside of a person so the viewer has a clearer understanding of what to expect when the inside comes out in words and actions and other movement. I feel like people are often surprised by my intensity (or boldness) and animation (especially since my primary tendency is to sit back and observe), so if my outward appearance is more bold/still with some animation or unexpected elements, shouldn’t it make it more expected when I act that way? Has it made a difference for you?

          • stylesyntax
            March 20, 2021 at 1:23 pm

            Part of the way they described it was the baby being like, “OK, my job now is to be a baby,” haha.

            It’s hard to say. I haven’t really been able to dress 100% 3/1 yet. I still wear black pants, for instance, because that’s what I have that fits. And usually we don’t turn on our cameras on for work. I also dressed T3 for many years before I went to T4, although I didn’t have an awareness of my secondary. I can see that T3 looks much better on me and brings out my coloring and features much better. I also find that the information on T3 communication, relationships, etc. has been helpful for me to keep in mind so that I can be careful about things like talking over other people. I also am a member of her Healing Center, and I find it makes a big difference for keeping me grounded in my energy and using it effectively. But I think I maybe don’t spend as much time thinking about how others react to me, and even dressing in T4, I feel like people recognized things like my intelligence and leadership qualities, and I think it’s more the inner work from Carol that has helped with the positive reception (rather than being seen as, say, bossy) than dressing a certain way. But I’m excited to see if there’s a difference when we can be back fully in the world and I’m 100% dressed in 3/1!

  4. Lea
    December 7, 2021 at 2:36 am

    Hi ! Have ‘bee’ every type in my 5+ journey of DYT. So the truth in me came charging out 3/1. I would love style info connections, progressive thinking , I have not read dull the comments .. surprise? I will intend to .. but in meantime would love to hear back about any part of this!

    • stylesyntax
      December 7, 2021 at 8:10 pm

      Hi Lea! Nice to meet another 3/1. What do you mean by “style info connections” and “progressive thinking,” exactly?

  5. Sarah
    June 7, 2022 at 9:15 pm

    Help! I am very upset with DYT and I have never heard of David Kibbe. I just discovered DYT from a recommendation and I have decided it is not going to work. I tried to get into Type 2 because that’s what I thought I was, then I tried Type 4 and that didn’t work. Then I thought I was a Type 3 for sure and it increased my confidence. Now I just did the truth bomb thing and she says I am a Type 1. I need to find something else, so maybe Kibbe or just go with what clothes I like and accessories I like and forget it all. Thanks for any help you can give me; I am an extreme introvert and I have had depression all my life and always thought I had low energy! This is crazy! Also, she says Meyers Briggs is BS but I always found it accurate for me.

    • stylesyntax
      June 8, 2022 at 2:42 pm

      Hi Sarah,

      Regarding Myers-Briggs, I don’t think that she actually says it’s BS? It’s not something she studies or teaches, but she’s mentioned that the way Jung described “introversion” and “extroversion” lines up with how she does. It’s the pop culture version of this that turns this into a social quality.

      I’d suggest sticking around Lifestyle and joining the T1 group. I think you’d end up surprising yourself. Also try reading It’s Just My Nature like Carol suggests. I can feel a higher energy coming off the way you write. 🙂 Also, depression can look/feel like lower energy when you’re really a higher movement person. There’s a lot of content in Lifestyle that would be helpful. I’d start with the Yin/Yang lineup video, and the videos that discuss the T1 secondaries. The secondary influences the primary, both in how you act and how you dress. I love Kibbe too, don’t get me wrong, but this is a common reaction to an truth bomb. And of course, you can always go with whatever colors and styles you like if you decide that T1 isn’t for you. I just wouldn’t dismiss it without giving it a chance.

      • Sarah
        July 10, 2022 at 6:25 am

        Hello, it has been a month since I commented and I totally think Dressing Your Truth is NOT for me. As a Type 1, I cannot wear silver jewelry but I look great and it doesn’t do anything to my energy when I wear silver jewelry. I also think I look great in black. So in October, I am having a color analysis done by John Kitchener or company or whatever! I am so freaking excited! I mean it is beyond awesome. He has a bachelor’s in Art and 2 years of training and he has been doing this forever! Like since I was 3 years old. It will be so nice to know what colors are mine and get some clarity. I read David Zyla’s book too and not for me either. My total experience with DYT has been iffy and I don’t know why people like it. At first, I was suckered in like everyone else but then you slowly wake up and get tired of arguing with people whether something is a tint or not. Who cares?

        • stylesyntax
          July 10, 2022 at 11:16 am

          I like DYT and find it useful. If it’s not for you, that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that other people need to “wake up.” Personally, I don’t like John Kitchener or his work. His palettes are too broad to seem useful to me. To each their own.

          • Sarah
            July 10, 2022 at 11:34 am

            Maybe because you have never been told you were Type 1 and had to be rainbow bright! I really liked being a Type 3 and if I were told that then yes, maybe. I need Kitchener’s variety in my wardrobe.

          • Sarah
            July 17, 2022 at 5:59 am

            Hello, I am not sure you want to hear from me again, but I have finally discovered my type and why DYT and I didn’t get along. I am a Type 2 or Summer which I thought straight away but was denied from that group. If they had let me in, I might have had a positive experience with DYT instead of a negative one. I am sorry I said people need to wake up, I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone, but as you can see a Type 2 trying to be everything but is seriously upsetting to that individual! Yesterday, I went to the thrift store, and using an amazon seasonal suggestion page for Soft Summer and all the Summer ones, I was able to pick out 9 correct shirts straight away. Only 2 were wrong which is pretty good and I only spent $34! So, yes I look translucent in the Summer/Type 2 clothes and it is an amazing transformation. I probably do not need John Kitchener but I am going to do it anyway because of all my confusion and I like to keep my word when I say I am going to do something and it is not as much money to me as it could be. I mean he is half the price right now! Anyway, apologies for any hard feelings. I wish I could post a picture of me as a Summer. It is beautiful. Thank you!

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