Rethinking My Dressing Your Truth Secondary

While it’s not a system I’ve used consistently over my color and style journey–although I do feel they have upgraded in the style department recently–I figured out my Dressing Your Truth Energy Type relatively quickly. I’m a Type 3, active/reactive.

I’m an introvert in MBTI, though, and I figured that my secondary had to be an introverted Energy Type for this reason. So it was Type 2 or Type 4, and Type 4 was the obvious fit. A lot of my personality and behaviors are Type 4, although my movement is not.

But one thing I’ve seen as I’ve gone back to watching DYT videos is that facial features are super important to determining both your primary and your secondary Energy Type. And as much as I see Type 4 in my behavior, I don’t see it in my face at all. In addition to my Type 3 features (face shape, hairline, eyes, eyebrows, “lump-of-clay” nose), I have apple cheeks, fuller lips, and small, child-like hands. I had a real “a-ha” moment when I was looking at Carol Tuttle’s Facebook page and came across this post. I can see a lot of myself in this woman, and I have always felt like a bit of a fruad when I said I was a 3/4 because I just couldn’t see that 4 in my features.

Part of the purpose of your secondary is to work it into your style, and even while saying I was 3/4, I have definitely been dressing 3/1. When I buy things from the Type 3 store, I go for things that are more fun/animated and a little lighter in feel.


Earrings from the DYT store.

For me, I suppose, considering myself 3/4 was more about how I act, versus what I would wear. I am interested to see if committing to dressing 3/1 will have an impact on my behavior or how I feel. I’m also curious whether it is possible to be an introvert in personality and be 3/1–it’s supposed to be the highest Energy combination.

I have been thinking about my introverted qualities, though, and as much as I like to sit at home and work on my projects, I actually do this in a pretty social way. I don’t just get wrapped up in a project–I have to talk about it with other people online. So maybe that’s my way of getting my Type 1 socializing in. And when I’m out with people, I do like to keep it fun and light. People are all different, and just because I don’t express my Type 1 secondary in the same way as another 3/1 doesn’t mean I’m not one.

Have you determined your secondary Energy Type? How do you see it expressed?

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  1. Sarrah
    February 8, 2017 at 5:55 am

    I’m reading through your blog, a post at a time. First let me say thanks for being so open on your journey. I feel just as frazzled as you have, maybe more. It is nice to be in good company. Today I think I am a type 4/1. From what I’ve seen there is a great variety in expression, we are all ultimately individuals. I see my secondary expressed my medium contrast coloring, and in the asymmetry in my face. I do tend to have a lit of ideas, but I don’t see the need to carry all of them out. I don’t see any circles or heart shapes on my face, but there are a lot of angles. I have thought I was a type 3/2 or 2/3, and I have had people say I look like a type 1, but that energy completely wears me out.

    • Sarrah
      February 8, 2017 at 5:58 am

      *lot* not “a lit of ideas,” lol

  2. Needle-wielder
    February 8, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    The only thing I was certain from the start was that I must have type 2 somewhere in me, everything about 2, from Carol’s description to lines and colors, just seems to reflect what I’m naturally drawn to. The other one that originally felt like a close fit was type 1, so I went with that combination for a while.
    But then I came across those videos on the official website where they introduce people with different type combinations, a couple at a time. And through comparing myself to those people I realised that 2/1 and even 1/2 is still too serene for me. I have way more energy than that.
    2/3 and 3/2 however… everything they talked about, the way they moved, even the tone of their voices, it all resonated with me. It was like watching a recording of a couple of your mental twin sisters. And appearance-wise 2+3 also makes more sense. How to express it in terms of style, though… That’s something I’m yet to find out.

  3. Christina
    March 4, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    It’s good to see a more mature discussion of dyt for once!

    I have many of the same reservations about it, but I have found it an interesting process to go through as it has illuminated aspects of my personality that were hidden from me – perhaps because they were relatively discouraged at home.

    I originally rebelled greatly at the thought I must be type 2, because I come from a family where that means you lace ‘soft loser’ written in your forehead. Once I came to terms with that bombshell, (albeit strongly preferring the deeper, less greyed colours) I tried to work out my secondary, and to cut a very long story short I tried them all on for size and found none of them fit.

    I am INFJ in MBTI. Which means that I have introverted intuition as my dominant cognitive function, and there isn’t a type for that! The closest is type 1, and I am drawn to fun clothes, although far from being the party type I’m the calm one on the corner counselling the shyest person in the room. All these dyt types seem to be extroverted.

    • stylesyntax
      March 20, 2017 at 9:45 pm

      I don’t think you can make correlations with MBTI, because while there is some talk of thought processes, it’s more about energy/movement. Ni is my dominant function too.

      Secondary is just one of those things you have to let go and let it come to you… I realized I was a 1 secondary not through my actions–I still consider myself an introvert–but that I preferred the things in the store that had a Type 1 influence and that I have so much in my facial features. People who know me would probably still consider my combo 3/4 going by personality.


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