Hue and Stripe Introduction

When you sign up for one of my services, you will receive a personal closet on Hue & Stripe, the system I use. Hue & Stripe is a great tool designed with stylists in mind that really blows Pinterest and Polyore out of the water.

I can search for items for you using a wide range of parameters from the stores listed.


These parameters include hem length, shape, and, perhaps most excitingly, color.

color search

Once I find something that would work for you, I can add it to the “Finds” section of your closet for you to see and comment on.


Of course, I can find things from you from other sites as well, and these will also go into the “Finds” section.

In the “Closet” section, you can upload images of things you already own. So if you want me to get a feel for your wardrobe and already existing style, or you’re a subscriber who wants me to find a pair of shoes to go with a specific dress, there’s an easy way to do this within the system.

Overall, Hue & Stripe is a great way for me to accomplish what I want to do, and something that it makes it easy for me to find items that you can actually purchase right now. Note: Hue & Stripe does use affiliate links, so if you do purchase something I’ve found for you, I will get a small commission.

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