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Workbook Announcement

I’ve come to realization that the workbook I had available on this site, which was last updated over three years ago, does not represent my current ideas. For this reason, I have decided to stop selling it until the next edition is ready. I have created a Google form for those interested to fill out, so I can email them when it’s available. I will be offering a discount for people who purchased the first one that will basically amount to you paying just for the new sections. It will include more information/focus on personalizing your style. I hope that this is something that I will be able to make a reality very soon! Thank you for your patience.

Shopping Joy

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I think one of the biggest differences since really settling into 4/3 is that I enjoy shopping again. Since I started looking at color and style systems, it’s felt like a bit of a slog, because I wasn’t going for what I loved; I was settling for what I thought was allowed. Black, white, bold, and neon are truly what I’m drawn to, and now they’re mine.

I go back to school in three weeks, and even though I’m now in my thirties, I still feel like I need new shoes and a new bag when a new school year starts. Neither of these items has arrived yet, but I’m very excited about my purchases, so I thought I’d share them.

The first are these Nike sneakers. I really love them for 4/3 because they’re bold and substantial, and the hue-on-hue has the stillness T4 needs. I have been wearing a lot of black-on-black lately, so my idea would be to wear all-black clothing with fuschia lipstick and earrings, once the DYT store brings back jewelry in September. (I have had a really hard time sourcing T4 jewelry on my own, unfortunately.)

Next, I found this tote from Rebecca Minkoff on Nordstrom Rack. It’s already sold out everywhere, even though I just ordered it last week and it should get here tomorrow, so I can’t link it. 🙁

Large Nylon Tote

Rebecca Minkoff Large East West Nylon Tote

As I wrote in blog post, I feel like myself now. I didn’t for the majority of this color and style journey. Spring and Autumn colors don’t express me. The bold hues of T4 are what feels right to me.

What have you bought for the upcoming season?

Note for People Who Have Ordered Services

There are a bunch of people who paid for services but never responded to emails I’ve sent. So if you were supposed to get a Subscription for August, or paid for something else and didn’t receive a response, please check the email associated with your PayPal account! I definitely want to deliver what you paid for. 🙂 If there are any issues, please email me at