Sephora VIB Sale, November 2017: My Makeup Picks

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As I mentioned in my last post, Sephora‘s VIB Sale is going on now (for Rouges at least), and I would like to share some of my favorite makeup products with you–some of which I already own and use, some of which I plan to pick up myself.


Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Color, $36 ($29.80 with 20% discount, $30.60 with 15% discount)

I was almost upset the first time I wore one of these lipsticks (Grace) because I wore it through a sample sale and brunch and it didn’t budge, while also remaining comfortable to wear. Why does such a great formula have to be more expensive? These are significantly cheaper than the full-size TF lipstick ($54), but they’re still expensive. I am thinking of getting Ines, which is like a darker version of Hot Tahiti and thus perfect for winter.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette, $42 ($33.60 with 20% discount, $35.70 with 15% discount)

Analyst Cate Linden has called this the ultimate Dark Autumn palette somewhere on her Facebook page, and I would have to agree. If I could have just one eyeshadow palette, it would be this one. You can do all kinds of looks, and all of the colors have that DA warmth and depth. I also have Subculture, which adds some variety and interest in terms of color, and I’m considering whether Prism is necessary. I love that neon yellow-green!


Clinique Cheek Pop, $23 ($18.40 with 20% discount, $20.30 with 15% discount)

Cheek Pop is my favorite blush formula–it’s pigmented and, most of all, it doesn’t contain anything that irritates my skin. I have a horrible time with blush and highlighter, because most of the powder formulas out there seem to contain bismuth oxychloride, which gives me hives. Clinique’s formulas do not. I am planning to get Cola Pop this time around–I already have Fig Pop.

I haven’t been wearing as much makeup as I have in the past, and there are quite a few things on my vanity that I haven’t even tried yet, so I’m going to hold off on recommending anything else. What makeup items are you getting at the sale?

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