Bonomo: The Sophisticate



Merle Oberon

-Often a woman who has learned to live by her wits
-Has read the latest books, seen the latest plays, and heard the latest gossip
-Definitely clever and likely to be a career woman
-Nervously vivacious and in many cases a brilliant conversationalist
-Shock-proof and modern
-If you can get beneath her brittle exterior, you will probably find her honestly sympathetic and generous
-…But she is a merciless antagonist!
-While she is one of the best dressed types in the world, clothes are not her major interest

Physical Characteristics
-More likely to be striking than beautiful
-Always slender, frequently exaggeratedly so and is invariably groomed to within an inch of her life
-There is never a hair out of place in her coiffure

-Has made almost a religious study out of clothes and uses her knowledge with daring and drama
-Will be remarkable for the perfection of her dress… whether she has little or much to spend
-Her clothes will be simple by day and as elegant as her purse can buy at night
-Even if her budget is very limited, she will have more formal clothes than the average woman
-Has a preference for dressmaker suits and afternoon dresses
-Shuns the spectacular
-Her clothes flow over her with unaccented distinction
-Loves fine fabrics, rich, soft furs and genuine, even if needs be modest, jewels.
-Is partial to white evening frocks
-Her dresses and wraps will be of the moment but never outstanding

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2 Comments on Bonomo: The Sophisticate

  1. Anat
    October 31, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    I have been thinking a lot about typing in the context of cultural context. I was reading the profiels of the Bonomo types you have uploaded, as well as different descriptions of Kibbe types and suggested styles for them, and I wonder about the different meanings of the word “formal”. Where I live, it’s not uncommon to see people wear jeans and a colorful t-shirt to a wedding or a funeral – a very very casual culture. Kibbe, Bonomo and others wrote and still write in a different cultural environemnt. In American terms, my demeanor and usual clothing will be considered low maintenance and accessible (my American co-workers agree with me on this), something that fits the descriptions of say one of the Kibbe Natural types or maybe a Bonomo Outdoorsy Woman. Where I live, I often come off as reserved, high maintenance or even snobbish, in a way that keeps popping up in description of Kibbe D’s or C’s. I feel like this cultural gap might be the reason I have a hard time determining my type (SC or SN), but I’m not sure. Have you encountered people with similar issues or read anything that could be relevant to my situation? Thank you!

    • stylesyntax
      November 1, 2016 at 1:52 pm

      Bonomo will especially be more formal, since people used to dress up more. I think it’s very common for people to feel like they are too casual for a Kibbe Image ID. Naturals aren’t the only ones who get casual, though. Everyone gets it! The question would be, how could I style this casual look?


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