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Thoughts on The Art of Dress

After going through a period of believing that finding your Type was to be done completely through body lines and ignoring the face, I now have done almost a complete 180, and now find that repeating the lines of the face may, in fact, be the most important factor in defining your type.

There used to be a site called The Art of Dress, and they had a great blog with original illustrations that you still see floating around Kibbe Pinterest boards. But a couple of months ago, everything disappeared and was replaced with Lorem Ipsum text, which was quite the bummer. Then today, I decided to click around there anyway, and discovered that all-new content can be accessed through the About section. The person has renamed the types, and has come up with their own system that differs from Kibbe, as well as a color analysis and artistic analysis system. The artistic analysis is, I think, similar to Dressing Your Truth, where you look for shapes.

What most interests me about this system is that it relies on face shape and facial features to determine the style type and the artistic type. There is nothing about analyzing your body shape, going by the material that is up there at the moment. This resonates with where my thought process with Kibbe has been going lately; your face is dominant because your clothing lines should repeat the lines of your face, almost regardless of the body lines. My body doesn’t fit Flamboyant Gamine very well, but it’s hard to imagine my face fitting anything else. And that is what this system seems to be based on.

Anyway, I suggest going to the site and poking around, and let me know what you think. It seems to be in soft-launch mode, since the front page of the site isn’t done, but I hope that the person behind it will start to offer their analysis services soon. I’d be very interested in my result and in seeing up close how they work, since their line of thought seems to be quite similar to where I am with all of this stuff.