New YouTube Video: David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis Book: The Need for an Objective System (Chapter One)

I’ve uploaded a new video in my series going through David’s book. This one is on “The Need for an Objective System.” This is a very philosophical section of the book, so it’s a little heavy. But next week we will talk about putting together HTTs, which is very exciting!

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Just a note that I would LOVE to get back into my posts on The Looks Men Love, but I have been busy with YouTube and working on my Personality Squared Cheat Sheets. But I have not forgotten about that series, and I’m not abandoning it. 🙂

New Kibbe Video + Personality Squared Sporty Cheat Sheet

I have a new video up this week, all about the Introduction to Metamorphosis:

Please check out my channel; I’ll be going through the entire book up to the quiz (the parts that weren’t put online). I think this video series will really help people understand the Kibbe system beyond “This is my body and this is what I should put on it.”

I also have completed the Cheat Sheet for the Sporty Personality Squared type as well. If the Pinterest board appeals to you, Sporty might just be your Comfort Zone, Core, or Aspiration.

Thank you for your support of my YouTube channel and Personality Squared! I’m really excited to finally have the time to work on these projects that have been in my head for so long.

Edgy Cheat Sheet

The first cheat sheet is now available! This cheat sheet is all about Edgy, my own Personality Squared Core type. It gives information on how Edgy is added to your style, how to tell whether it’s your Core, Comfort Zone, or Aspiration, and influences to look at.

I’m also offering all eight Cheat Sheets for $35, and each subsequent Cheat Sheet will be sent as it becomes available (I am working on a schedule of one a week right now), which means you’ll get one free.

Cheat Sheets

Check out the workbook as well, and see Edgy on Pinterest.

New YouTube Video: David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis Book: Foreword

When I finally decided to start making YouTube videos, I wanted to start with what I identified as the most pressing need in this space, and to me, that was making the content of Metamorphosis available to people who don’t have the book. Parts of the book are online, like the quiz, physical profiles, and checklist, but not that parts of the book that explained the purpose of the system. Without it, Kibbe becomes just another body typing system.

So I’m going to be going through book, making videos explaining the content in each missing chapter. If you’ve never had the chance to read the book, I hope these videos help give you a better perspective on what the system is meant to do for your style and your life.

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Please check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

Outfits That Feel Wrong

A few years ago, I saw the movie Bonjour Tristesse. I fell in love with Jean Seberg’s outfits in that movie. It inspired my aesthetic for some time.

I loved a lot of her looks in the movie, but this chic Givenchy dress occupied a special place in my fashion dreams:
little black dress

So back in 2018, I had a special occasion to go to, and I found a dress by Gal Meets Glam that was clearly modeled on it:

little pink dress

When I found it, I was so excited. Having a dress that was at least somewhat a facsimile of the original seemed almost too good to be true. The skirt was different, and the fabric and color were as well, but the part that I really loved–the chic, geometric bodice–was there.

When I wore it, however, I just didn’t feeling like myself. I paired it with a pearl bracelet, and while the outfit worked together, I felt separate from it. At the time, I wondered if I was just a little old for the look (I was 31 at the time).

But what I should have done is take my own advice. At the time, I had created my own archetype, Grown-up Punk, based on the style statement exercise in my old workbook. There is nothing about this look that says “Grown-up Punk,” no matter how much it appeals to me on paper. I have since further developed this exercise into Personality Squared, and now I really understand why it felt off–and it has nothing to do with my age.

My Personality Squared combination is Sophisticated-Sporty-Edgy. I could see an argument for the clean lines of the dress being Sporty, but otherwise, the fabric, print, and bow detail are all Pretty, and the design line is perhaps more Playful. Playful is not something I’m opposed to as long as the Sophisticated-Sporty-Edgy combo is still coming through, since when I was younger my combination was Playful-Sporty-Edgy, but I have to be careful with it if I want to feel like myself. In this dress, I just felt like I was trying to be someone I’m not.

What would a dress that felt more like me look like? I think the original Givenchy dress would have worked a lot better. The black would have made it more Edgy, as opposed to the very Pretty color and style of the one I have. The skirt also made more of a statement, so even though there is still a Playful element to the design line, I think that it is also a design line that speaks to my FG clothing needs, and it would look chic on me.

But there is another dress that has occupied a place in my mind for many years, and it’s this Prabal Gurung dress Diane Kruger wore:
red, black, and white

Now that I have identified myself as Sophisticated-Sporty-Edgy, I see exactly why I love this dress so much. The bold color choices work for both Sophisticated and Sporty, the clean lines are Sporty, and the overall design is Sophisticated. Edgy comes through in the black, but I could add more of an Edgy quality with accessories featuring studs, for example.


There was a time on this blog where I was exploring my style and trying to make myself fit into the style types I had decided suited my physicality, rather than looking at what I actually liked to wear and felt like myself in. I knew why things felt off for me from a Flamboyant Gamine perspective, and why, once I went with 4/3 instead of 3/4, from a Dressing Your Truth perspective, but now I also understand from the perspective of my inner world, and what feels like “me.”

You can find out more about Personality Squared and purchase the workbook here, and I’ve also started a YouTube channel. You can also find me on Facebook and on Instagram @stylesyntax.

Style Syntax Is Finally on YouTube

I have always resisted making the jump to YouTube because I feel that I’m a person who expresses myself best in writing. But I’ve come to realize that YouTube–not Google–is now the first place many people go when they’re researching a subject, and I want to make sure that what I have to share is accessible and easy to find.

I’ve already uploaded my first YouTube video. My plan is to create video versions of some of my “greatest hits,” and then also videos for new content as well. Please check it out and like and subscribe. 🙂

I’m also going to start posting on Instagram again (@stylesyntax) and don’t forget to check out Personality Squared and the accompanying Pinterest boards.

So please check it out, and if there’s anything you’d especially like a video on, let me know in the comments, either here or on the video. 🙂

Personality Squared Pinterest Boards

I have completed all the Pinterest boards for Personality Squared. Personality Squared is something I’ve been turning around in my own head ever since the Personality Plus series went up, and it’s been gratifying to me that the responses I’ve had so far are that not only is it easy for people to grasp, but they can see how they can apply it to their own style.

If you missed my last post on the subject, Personality Squared is a style system that relies not on what you look like, but rather what you’re drawn to and what feels like “you.” It can be overlaid onto other systems that do take your physical appearance into account, helping you to retain the individuality and self-expression that we sometimes lose when we focus on our own personal Dos and Don’ts. You have up to three main types, and each of these types is applied to your style in a particular way according to the function it plays for you. You can see the types in the boards linked below, and the system itself is introduced in the workbook, the purchase of which also includes membership in a Facebook group where I can provide feedback to you.

Which is your favorite? Which do you relate to the most?


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