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Personality Squared Playful Cheat Sheet Now Available

Since I figured out that I was a 3/1, my focus has actually been more on inner work, and less on the style aspects of it all. Learning that I was a double extrovert was shocking to me, since I had always seen myself as an introvert. I also figured out that I was an ENTJ, and not like an INTJ like I thought. I do think that the inner self cannot be separated from your personal style, so please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in having me write more about.

I also haven’t been writing new posts because in this same process, I realized that my Aspiration was Playful, and not Sophisticated. But I didn’t want to share more about that until the Playful Cheat Sheet was ready, so I’ve been holding back to a degree. But now that I’ve finally finished it, in between working full-time from home (which really wears me out, perhaps another sign of my double-extrovertedness!) and also freelancing, and just generally being tired like pretty much everyone else in the world right now.

Playful might appeal to you if you have a more lighthearted, fun, colorful, and animated approach to your personal style. The Playful Cheat Sheet can be found here. Please also see the Pinterest board to find out more, and check out the workbook if you’re interested in the Personality Squared system as a whole.